Downlink to
Ground Stations
in Japan

Ground Stations in Japan

Expand your ground station network in the Asia-Pacific region
Alleviate your load balancing pressure, and unleash your Remote Sensing and Earth Observation business

Why Downlink to Ground Stations in Japan

Strategic Location

Japan’s geographic proximity to your strategic remote sensing and earth observation targets allows for greater operational capabilities and business opportunities

Data Protection

As a trusted member of economic and national security alliances with the US and Western nations, your data is well guarded with comprehensive legal protection, backed by solid track record of rule of law

Fast Data Delivery

You will enjoy Japan’s robust infrastructures including 2 AWS data centers with 7 availability zones, 2 GCP centers with 6 azs, and 2 Azure centers with 3 azs for low latency data delivery

Expanding Market

Capture fast growing commercial, governmental, and defense markets for remote sensing and earth observation

More Reasons

  • Foreign-satellite-operator-friendly Legislations

  • World renown High Quality Manufacturing Capabilities

  • Mild & Stable Geopolitical Climate

Why Downlink with Skygate

License, Done.

We take care of all the necessary license acquisitions and compliance documents so that you can focus on expanding your operational capabilities and business opportunities

Fully-Managed Stations

We take care of all the daily and periodic maintenance of ground stations to reduce and minimize your operational complexity and cost

Frictionless Integration

Streamline your space-to-earth communication with our cloud-native & API-ready architectures to achieve truly seamless Space-to-Cloud operation

Defense & Security Experts

We are propelled by robust team of defense, signal processing, and space communication security professionals

Supported Band

  • S-band

  • X-band

  • Other

Available Pricing Model

  • Per-Pass Basis

  • Easy-to-Manage Subscription


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