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Ground station

The Age of Orbital Sensors

In recent years, the space business has been accelerated by placing a large number of small satellites in low orbit. Constellation is the operation of many satellites in orbit at the same time.
Like the world of data centers, space is changing into a world where low-cost satellites are used in large numbers.

Consolidating in orbit and the cloud

These businesses need to make business value out of satellites that act as numerous sensors and network hubs.
Will the packets produced in orbit go straight to the customer? No. They are transformed into value through applications and services.
To make this happen, on-orbit assets and ground resources must be perfectly integrated and operated. Data is turned into value by ground computing and networks.

Ground stations, the bottleneck

Ground stations are a major concern for satellite operators in low orbit.A ground station is always necessary for satellite operation. However, low earth orbit satellites can only communicate with the ground for about 10 minutes per pass.
However, it costs as much as $1M to acquire that ground asset.

As a result, satellite telemetry, checking housekeeping data (status logs), commanding the satellite, and downloading mission data are severely constrained.

In addition, ground stations are subject to national, regional or global radio regulations.
These are major bottlenecks for new space businesses that want to accelerate their R&D and scale their business.

Powerful Cloud Ground Stations

A cloud-based ground station solves these problems. With the service provided on a subscription basis, you don't need to own any ground assets. You just simply scale as your business grows.

The VPC attachable network interface and REST-based APIs quickly integrate your cloud environment with the ground station. Software-based modems help you scale your ground station network with a single click.

There is no need to rely on traditional ground stations. You don't even need to keep renting ground stations from universities or labs. Scale your space business with cloud-based ground stations.

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