Event: Takanori Awatsu, CEO of Skygate Technologies will be speaking at a Japanese engineering event on the theme of new space startups


Written by Skygate Technologies PR team



A meetup for engineers on the theme of new space startups, hosted by E3 @Ethree_official will be held on the following schedule.

Our CEO, Mr. Awatsu will be speaking at the event.

How does the space business really work? "Market x Business x Technology" by Space Tech Engineer

Monday, April 26, 2021, 20:00-22:00(JST)

宇宙ビジネスって実際どうなの?スペーステックエンジニアが語る市場×事業×技術 2021/04/26 20:00〜

「Engineering Mix Session」は、魅力的な企業のエンジニアをお招きし、ここでしか聞けないリアルな裏側を語っていただくミートアップイベントです...


The event will be held online and is free of charge.

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