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Platform Skygate Orbit

Skygate Orbit is a satellite, ground equipment, and cloud management platform for satellite operators and new space businesses. It provides fundamental functions required for operations such as publishing events based on orbit information, integration of ground stations and cloud.

We invite you to use our latest web-based dashboard.

TLE Calculations

Automatically and periodically computes orbit information based on TLEs ephemeral and visually displays the orbit. You can use the specified TLE source or embed the calculation results in HTML.

Ground Component Management

You can connect your existing ground stations and Skygate Ground Station. Based on the location information of the registered ground component, events such as weather change and satellite acquisition will be issued. Also, if the ground component has a Skygate managed server or Skygate Edge, it can monitor traffic and run batches.

Connecting to the Cloud

Skygate integrates registered components with public clouds such as AWS, Azure, and GCP. Events and traffic will be connected in a way that is appropriate for each public cloud.

APIs and Webhooks

REST APIs are available. Easy integration with existing mission control, web applications, and machine learning solutions.

VPC Direct Attach Coming soon

Are you having trouble building and operating a cumbersome VPN?

Skygate Orbit combines a gateway that directly connects internal communications to public cloud VPCs such as AWS, GCP, and Azure. It provides a high level of security and availability at a low cost.

Skygate Virtual Radio

Skygate Virtual Radio (VR) is a virtualized communication modem software with CCSDS-compliant TT&C and mission recording.

Streaming TT&C

Skygate VR can be deployed on Skygate Edge, AWS, Azure, GCP, etc. It has a streaming interface for TT&C required for vehicle control. It supports BPSK and PCM-PSK-PM up to 6Msps and can be tailor-made to meet your communication needs.

Wideband Mission Recorder Coming soon

It receives and records a large amount of data from remote sensing and other applications.

Signal Recorder

The Signal Recorder is a web-based instrument that records and analyzes radio signals and can be connected to the Skygate platform to link satellite orbit data.

Network adapter Coming soon

The Skygate Network Adapter is compatible with VITA-49 and other VRT and IP wireless networks.

Skygate Edge

Skygate Edge is an appliance optimized for Skygate Orbit and Skygate Virtual Radio. It provides centralized computing, radio signal processing, and network abstraction for your ground stations and development sites.

Compact and lightweight

Flexible size selection from 1U to 5U as well as portable and small size appliances.

Wireless System Deployment

Virtual wireless software can be deployed and used as a modem for Skygate VR.

Skygate Ground Station Coming soon

Skygate Ground Station is a ground station for low earth orbit satellites compatible with Skygate Edge.

Skygate Ground Station is a ground station for low earth orbit satellites, compatible with Skygate Edge. For domestic operators, it will be available in about three months after the license application.

Use of S/X band

A tracking aerial is used for S-band uplink and uplink, and X-band downlink. It can be used in polar orbit, low inclination orbit, etc. For other frequency bands, please contact us separately.


A subscription contract is available for the duration of use as a radio station.


Security and Compliance

We have advanced security features that meet domestic and international standards, including the Satellite Remote-sensing Act.

24/7 Monitoring

The platform and ground stations are monitored 24/7 for communication, cyber security and ground conditions.

Professional Services

Frequency Consulting and Smart Onboarding Only available in Japan

We provide support for international frequency coordination, domestic interference coordination, radio license application, and inauguration inspection.

System Architect Support

We provide support for the design and implementation of ground facilities including ground stations.

Operation Support

We provide support for satellite control and operation.

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