Skygate Ground Station as a Service

Skygate is a cloud ground station for satellite operators and constellation players. There is no need to build a ground station to operate the satellite. Once set up, you can use it whenever you need it.Skygate is optimized for low earth orbit satellites and automatically acquires and tracks satellites. Each communication path is automatically scheduled and can also be reserved.


You do not need to maintain your antenna system.


Protect your data by achieving a high level of security compliance with international standards and regulations.

Scaling by software

Skygate has a unified antenna specification and a software radio. The communication point can be scaled in any way.

Support your setup

We can help you with licensing and communications testing. No need to bother with compatibility testing and frequency licensing.


Service class

Skygate Full-metal

For government, agency and forces

  • A completely proprietary antenna

  • MOD, FedRAMP, CCSRG, STIG, and NICT SP800 are supported.

  • Can install in your building, STA or post

Skygate Base

For LEO constellation players

  • Reserved pass

  • Adapt for remote-sensing regulations

  • AWS, GCP, and Azure integration

  • Includes licensing and frequency coordination for uplink

Skygate Spot


  • $9.9 per pass minimum

  • LEO auto-tracking

  • S/X-band ready