Skygate Technologies Joins Microsoft for Startups Global Program

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Skygate Technologies Joins Microsoft for Startups Global Program to Accelerate Development of Ground Stations for the Asia-Pacific Region

TOKYO, Japan - September 28, 2021(JST) - Skygate Technologies Inc., announced that it has been accepted into Microsoft for Startups, a global program from Microsoft dedicated to accelerating the trajectory of startups.

As a member of the Microsoft for Startups program, Skygate Technologies will have access to Microsoft's technical, mentoring, and business support. This program includes $25,000 worth of Azure credits.

Skygate Technologies is a Japanese startup that develops Skygate, a cloud ground station platform for connecting satellites to the cloud on the ground. It aims to deploy a powerful, flexible, and cloud-ready ground station network in the APAC region.

Through this program, Skygate Technologies will promote further development of products utilizing Azure computing, and aim for seamless integration between satellites and Azure via ground stations provided by Skygate Technologies.

About Microsoft for Startups

Microsoft for Startups is a start-up support program provided by Microsoft Corporation that has been globally deployed in more than 140 countries around the world. The program aims to promote the growth of startups with unique and innovative technical solutions, and startups selected for the program will have access to Microsoft's powerful technologies including Azure, as well as the company's partner network. In addition to access to Azure and other powerful Microsoft technologies, startups selected for the program will be provided with dedicated resources to help them expand their business.

About Skygate

Skygate is a cloud ground station platform being developed by Skygate Technologies, Inc. A ground station is a facility that connects satellites flying in space to the ground.

In recent years, the number of satellite launches has been increasing rapidly, reaching 1,184 worldwide by 2020 (YoY +311%), and the demand for communication relay and data transmission to the ground is increasing.

Skygate is a platform that provides ground stations as a cloud service, enabling a direct connection between satellites and the ground cloud, and is currently undergoing ground construction and closed user testing with the aim of launching the service by the end of 2021.


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