Build Your Next
Ground Station
in Japan

Dedicated Ground Station in Japan

Why Build in Japan

  • Strategically Located in Far-East Asia
  • Robust Infrastructures
  • Reliable Rule of Law & Legal Protection
  • Mild & Stable Geopolitical Climate
  • Trusted Member of National Security Alliance in APAC & Indo-Pacific
  • World renown High Quality Manufacturing Capabilities

Why Build with Skygate

  • Radio License Acquisition Included
  • Station Site Evaluation & Acquisition Included
  • Ground Station Design & Manufacturing Included
  • Construction Included
  • Cloud-native & API-ready Architectures
  • Supported by Industry-leading Signal Processing & Security Professionals

Supported Bands

  • S-band
  • X-band
  • Other

Available Pricing Model

  • Per-Pass Basis
  • Easy-to-Manage Subscription

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